Thursday, January 15, 2015

Menjelang 30

They say, "age is only a damn number" but somehow (at least for me) number it's all the matter.

And when I realized that I will hit 30 by this month, I was like, "Wooow, I am OLD!" then I stunned. I reminisced  every single thing that I have, would and could done in my life. Even I know it's too late but surprisingly, I never wish to do anything different back then.

I am happy (now). With two demanding kids, loving husband and great life. I never wish anything better than this.


Yes, but... one thing.

I wish... I REALLY WISH, I could do anything I could to make my parent proud and happier. And it's also my wish for this year.

Well, well, well... the birthday girl may have only one wish, but she had a lot on her WISHLIST.

So, be ready...



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