Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hijab, jilbab and kerudung

If you ask me, i would say that all those are the same. it's covering your head, right?

actually, i had my head covered like 13 years ago, back in the days when i went to Islamic Boarding School for my junior high school. So yes, i covered my head because i had to not because i want to. long story short i took my head cover off when i was in college and start to put it back just like a year ago.

it such a big difference, the way i feel about myself when i'm covering my head now and then. Now i am very comfortable wearing it and confidence with myself.

So,before i decided to put it back my head cover, i searched every ayat and dalil about it. Then I realize one thing. covering head is a mandatory, but it wont define who i am. Hijab, jilbab and kerudung is only identity for me. as a woman, i have to cover my head so that people will recognize me as moslem. it's not related to how religious you are, how humble you are, or how saint you are.

One thing that keeps bothering me. it's when a lot of people keep debating of whether it is syar'i or not. if you are not syar'i so you  will go to hell. oh c'mon people, really?

in my opinion, covering my head is one thing but being such a religious, saint or humble is another thing. So, for me, women who covering their head is just the same with other women who's not. What makes they're different is only the identity. it has nothing to do with heaven or hell.

why is that?

lemme tell you one thing. what makes you either goin' to heaven or hell is not about what you wear, but it's something we called 'amalan'. please stop judging everyone that decided to put turban style as cover to their head, or everyone who wear hijab as not long as you are, or they who still wear jeans instead of skirt. we never know maybe they've been inspiring another girls to start covering their head, or maybe make a lot of people out there want to know about Islam. we never know. And we never know maybe they who wear very long head cover are the one who enjoying watch gossip, or saying bad things about their husband, or even worse feeling more saint than anybody else. yea we never know.

So stay away from other people business.

oh we also have to learn a lot about the difference between Islam and Arab. which one the law and which one culture.

yes, i am lacking of Islamic knowledge, but logically i am using my brain to think and get to know more about Islam. what's written above is my opinion, and the opinion is mine. it's from what i believe, i read, i hear and i search.



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