Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home

It's like, 4 or 5 months ago, we bought a house located in Sawangan, Depok. For some reasons, we haven't made it living in our own house. But few weeks ago, we decided to do some renovations by this month and we planned to move in within next year, beginning of next year.

There's a lot things to do to make our house to be proper for living. We have to build a wall to separate our kitchen from backyard neighbor. We have to build the kitchen, the floor, backyard garden, the doors, etc.

So in last few days, I've been surfing for some blogs to find inspirations of our house. Ok, now I am gonna list all things that inspire me on each space in our house.

Living Room
Since we had a small house, so the living room will divided into two different spaces. Living room as 'ruang tamu or reading room and living room as TV room. We really had this limited spaces, so multifunction and smart deco is needed. So, my dream of this ‘ruang tamu’ is only small space with a sofa and reading lamp. Well, actually, our living room is not designed as fully ruang tamu because we don’t plan to invite many guests in our home, so it will be a reading room also.

Love the frames!
This one too. Gonna have it.

I always love to have a kitchen island in my kitchen, but we can’t make it this time. So with limited space, we will have a single kitchen sink with 2-3 counters and build-up stove. Oh, I am also in negotiation with husband to have granite for my countertop *finger cross 

And this is for kitchen esential

Oalaaah, I forgot to tell that our kitchen and dining would be an outdoor kitchen. So, it would be like this...

Master Bedroom
Just only had a small spaces, does mean we can’t have a closet, right? So we decided to have ‘no-closet’ closet in our bedroom and we’ll build it up our self. 

As in bed, we choose to design our frame bed. This is one of inspiration

Washing Room
Husband agreed that we will have a washing room! Alasannya pengen punya washing room sih karena gue gak suka becek. Dan kalau dilihat-lihat, desain washing room itu gak susah kok, asal kita bikin tempat pembuangannya yang bener aja. Jadi, bye-bye becek!

This is something that make me want my own balcony!

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