Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This is not a sad news

Ironic ya, saya baru saja sampaikan kabar gembira di posting-an sebelum ini. But what I'm gonna say now is kinda the opposite.

So yes, I've lost the baby. We're so devastated and... yea, devastated. I don't know what kind of words that can described our feeling back then. it feels so... lost.

But again, this is not a grieve, even every single cell in my body hates it when remembering how painful it is. But this is not the end, lesson learned and we're move on. Or at least, we are trying to.

So keep away all your sorry and condolences. Just help us to get through this.



PS. Just knew that a good friend was not good as you thought she was. So one of good friend--she claimed--of mine heard the news, then she was asking, "Bowo sedih gak?" I dropped my jaw and thought, "WHAT THE HELL?!!" We just lost our baby and she asked if my husband, father of the baby was upset or not. I don't understand what kind of man that not even sad when he just lost his baby. Psychopath or something? Oh, and he's my husband, the most caring person I know, the one who's disappointed the most of this crap, he also HUMAN by the way. dooh!

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