Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[current 'yeaay'] TrendOne Browser

Don't you just hate it, when you go online and most of sites you found was unsecured? Been there, done that! And if you do some clicks, *boom* tons of viruses will threat your computer. Hmm I know, right? Few days ago, I was invited to product launch of new browser named TrendOne. I find this sooo interesting. This is why!

Free! Yes. This is actually the first thing that can 'yeay' me, well don't you? This browser can be downloaded for FREE if you want to try or change your current browser. Go here to download.
Safe Search, safe surf. The major point of this--brand new--browser is SECURITY. TrendOne offers security features to prevent your access into certain sites that may be dangerous or unsecured. Whether you are accessing the site directly, through social media, spam from your email inbox or search results, it's like everywhere. Cool, right?
Yahoo! Integrated. Nowadays, who can live without e-mail? No chat within whole day? Well, definitely not me. But if you do too, this browser just give us another 'yeaay'! Yes, with two features--Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Mail--of Yahoo! on the right side, we'll totally connected to friends and family whenever or wherever we go online. It's a big 'yeay' for me!

So it's been few days I am using TrendOne as my main browser. Hmm, can you see that I am winking--and also this smitten smile--every time I wrote about TrendOne? Yes. I am satisfied! Ooh, how I wish this browser is also available for iPhone... 

So, if security is one of your top priority, and you're always adding up security layers of your computer (or laptop or even tablet), TrendOne is worth to try. Just click here if you want a tour!  



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