Monday, February 2, 2009

from bolly(wood) to holly(wood), Freida Pinto

i bet you'll never recognize her if she walk in down town of Mumbai or New Delhi. but now, Slumdog Millionaire (SM) star, continues her popularity by smiling and posing at photographers at LAX airport in LA.

for those you who still had no idea of this Hindi girl, let me tell a story...

her name is Freida Pinto. no one knows her until Slumdog Millionaire became a Golden Globe's best movie. before starring Latika in the movie, Freida anchored some int'l TV show and modeled for two years. and after six months auditions, Freida meet and auditioned by Danny Boyle him-self and finally selected to be main cast of SM.

from Mumbai to LA, it's not that far for Freida Pinto.


  1. hmm, mungkin kakak sepupunya punya adik yang mana bersaudara dari turunan nenek dan sedarah sama keponakan dari bapak sehingga mana mereka sama. gimana? hihi..,