Thursday, January 29, 2009

when the fat lady stops singing

if i would die tomorrow or next week,
please tell my ibu and ayah that i love them so much.
tell my brother that i had forgive him, but i just cannot talk.
tell my little brother sorry 'cause i'm not a good sister. i'm bad in math, IPA and PPKN

i'm so sorry if  i hurt you, people.
i'm sorry if i cannot make everyone happy.
but please believe that i (always) tried.

promise me one thing,
yes, you may cry, but move on then.
and forget me.



  1. jangan mati dulu, belon launching... *merusak momen gua*

  2. halaaaaaahh, merusak suasana. kan ceritanya mellow-mellow gemanaaa gettooohh