Thursday, August 28, 2008

me & my vows

12 Dec 2005 - 01 Jan 2006 (midnight)
"Evi, will you stay beside me even when the world turn against me?"

sent message
"Yes i will"

16 Mar 2007 (1st Anniversary)
Him: "apa yang ngebuat kamu gak sayang ama aku lagi?"
Me: "Hmm, kalau kamu berhenti sayang sama aku, mungkin."

16 Aug 2008
Me: "...tapi kamu masih sayang sama aku kan?"
Him: "Aku sendiri gak tahu perasaan aku ke kamu gimana sekarang. Aku ngerasa pengen sendiri"

*I'll never break my vows. When you asked me to stay, i was there with you, loving you over two and a half years. And when you felt that there was no more me in you, I packed my stuff then went away.*

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