Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a truth about the truth

I watched Grey’s Anatomy last Saturday. It was about the truth. Do you know why we keep lying to others? To co-worker, friend, best friend, lover, even to parent? And even for simple and little things? Grey told me, a truth about the truth is because it hurts. That’s why we lie. We always think that they’ll take a hurt so hard and bad, and then we choose to tell a lie to make things easier. But it’s never been easy.

Now I hate myself for being such an evil that always hide behind lies. Another confession. I did it because… I don’t know, I just want everything in my life to be okay. Just like what I want it to. But it wasn’t okay to tell that you fell in love with your crush and then you’ve found out, it was just emotional. It wasn’t okay to tell your ‘husband-to-be’ that nothing had happened between you and your co-worker, while you denied your own feeling. It wasn’t okay to tell your best friend a promise but you knew that you’ll break it. It’s never been okay.

Whatever happen, the truth is always hurt, but lying will never make everything easy, it makes worst.

“Truth always comes out. It’s the fundamental rules of time.”

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