Friday, September 11, 2009

until i keep mine

i can promise everyone everything and kept it like forever, but not for me. yes, i don't have power to take any promises for myself. because most of the time, i just broke it anyway. yeah, i think i just cannot hold on myself.

as time goes by, am thinking about those promises that i've made to myself. none of them changed me. so i need you to help me.

today, i'll make a promise and you'll be my witness if i ever break it.

starting today,
i'll tell good things about people i don't like. i'll write it down on my blog twice a week with positive sentences and some reasons why i against 'em. hope it will decreasing my bitchiness to zero level.
i'll also share some mistaken desicions i've made and concequences i earned from it. am sure it'll remind me of how far i am from perfection.

i've trying to be honest in everything i wrote. but, in this case, i'll try harder. fell free to drop your opinion. hope it can help in good the way.

but remember, not every questions need answers.  

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